Are your client’s retirement plans prepared for inflation?

After more than a decade in the low single digits, the potential for long-term higher inflation looms large. Inflation can affect a retirement plan in many ways: Will market returns consistently beat the consumer price index, or will the stagflation of the 1970s haunt the TSX? Will real estate serve as a store of value, or will higher interest rates hurt demand? Will your clients spending track the CPI, or will their personal “inflation” rate be wildly different? Above all, how do you best avoid excessive taxes on nominal returns?

If inflation concerns you, Retirement-Optimizer has you covered. Determine whether your accounts will have enough growth to cover inflated costs. Every financial account and non-financial asset can be assigned its own projected growth rate. In retirement, every major spending category can be assigned an inflation rate. Above all, a tax optimization algorithm will minimize the lifetime retirement taxes paid on a portfolio.

Retirement-Optimizer is a leading edge software tool which optimizes a decumulation retirement plan based on a myriad of factors, including tax considerations, cash inflows (sale of property or business), longevity, spousal factors, spending level changes and more. This complexity cannot be addressed with simple software tools currently on the market. Retirement-Optimizer can save a portfolio hundreds of thousands in net worth.