When doing a retirement plan using the enterprise software, the onus is on the advisor to run trials to determine how to achieve his client’s financial targets. The enterprise software will suggest Rules of Thumb scenarios, but it remains up to the advisor to select the options and iterate hopefully towards the desired outcome. The enterprise software is finding a solution with guidance by the advisor and the pool of experts that the corporation has available.   

The solution is a solution, but not necessarily the best or optimal solution.  

This process can take hours; actually, it very often takes days to complete.

Very often, the client comes back with modified parameters that require rewrites. An analogy comes to mind: The tools that advisors currently have available are like the old manual typewriters that people used in the 1970s and the typing pool in the TV series; Mad Men. It is time for the equivalent of Word Processors to arrive.

And arrive they have! Just recently, true optimization software has become available: Retirement-Optimizer.ca. Compared to current enterprise software, this optimization software is very much like Microsoft Word compared to classic typewriters.   

Retirement-Optimizer.ca provides you with the best optimal solution, without requiring hours of an advisor’s time iterating towards it…. That, and the precise plans produced will save advisor hours and make for a much happier client.

The retirement plans include interactive graphs, simple tables, and detailed reports to explain the optimized strategy. Also available are comparisons to Rule of Thumb plans and classic withdrawal techniques. 

If you are ready to move into this new world in technology, please call us at 866-383-6278 or email inquiries@retirement-optimizer.ca.  

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