How do clients know what they’re paying for?

These days, TV commercials feature people divesting themselves of their parents financial advisor. But what is the real value of this financial advise?

Professional retirement planning can add thousands to a persons net worth. Proper retirement planning using the latest optimization tools can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to a clients’ net worth, enabling them to stay retired longer, and giving them peace of mind that their future is secure.

But how does a client know how much they’re benefiting from your advice?

At we’ve addressed this question by providing the financial advisor with interactive graphs that compare the optimized plan with Rules of Thumb solutions and classic withdrawal strategies. The additional thousands of dollars of net worth that the client enjoys become obvious.

Retirement Optimizer makes the impact of a proper plan clear. Interactive graphs, simple tables, and detailed reports explain the optimized plan.

Retirement-Optimizer can work alongside your existing planning software and is offered on a per-use basis. No monthly subscriptions are required. 

If you want to see how much your clients can benefit from an optimized decumulation plan, go to

Business adviser analyzing financial figures denoting the progress in the work of the company